Terms & conditions




1. These Terms and Conditions describe the rules for using the gg.deals website.

2. The Operator of the Website is Łowcy Gier Bryks Spółka Komandytowa with its registered office in Łódź, at: Henryka Sienkiewicza 85/87/3.15, 90-318, Poland, entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS (National Court Register Number): 0000916308, REGON (National Official Business Register Number): 389668713, NIP (Tax Identification Number): 7252311223, share capital: PLN 13 200 (thirteen thousand two hundred Polish zloty);

3. The Website is available at https://gg.deals/.

4. The use of the Website is free of charge and voluntary.



For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of the gg.deals website:

1. Personal Data – shall mean a set of information about a natural person that can be used to identify them;

2. Operator – shall mean Łowcy Gier Bryks Spółka Komandytowa with its registered office in Łódź, at: Henryka Sienkiewicza 85/87/3.15, 90-318, Poland, entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS: 0000916308, REGON: 389668713, NIP: 7252311223, share capital: LN 13 200 (thirteen thousand two hundred Polish zloty);

3. Terms and Conditions – shall mean the Terms and Conditions of the gg.deals website that define the rights and obligations of the Operator and the rights and obligations of the Guests and Users of the Website;

4. Privacy Policy – shall mean the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of the gg.deals Website provided on the Website;

5. Website – shall mean the website at https://gg.deals/;

6. Guest – shall mean any natural person who visits the Website and uses its resources via the Internet without registering on the Website as a User;

7. User – shall mean any natural person who visits the Website and uses its resources via the Internet (Guest), after logging in as a User of the Website;

8. User Account – shall mean a dedicated part of the Website complete with the IT solutions that enable the Users to use selected services; The account is created by registration, and it is updated based on the User’s data;

9. User Data – shall mean all information and contents, including, in particular, photos, pictures, text messages and personal data placed by the User on the Website.



1. The Terms and Conditions define the principles and conditions concerning the Services provided by the Operator, including, in particular, the principles and conditions for the use of the Website by the Users.

2. By using the Website, the User undertakes to comply with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and generally applicable law.

3. The Users are offered access via the Website – which is created, monitored and operated by the Operator – to the services according to the Terms and Conditions or additional conditions (if any).

4. The primary goal of the Website is to provide the fullest possible online information about price discounts, including, in particular, by enabling the Users to:

1) track new special offers for digital games,

2) create price alerts and receive notifications (by e-mail, local notification and browser notifications) about discounts,

3) publish news about special offers for video games and the latest events in the video gaming industry,

4) create lists of favourite games (“wishlists”) to track the prices of the games selected by the User,

5) tag the games the User already has to filter them off their list of special offers,

6) import information about the wishlist and games the User owns from digital distribution platforms of PC games,

including the option to add User comments concerning the contents published on the Website by the Operator as well as exchange opinions in the comments added by the Users under the contents published by the Operator.

5. All activities of Website Users should be consistent with the laws applicable in the Republic of Poland and good practices. It is prohibited to use the Website contrary to its intended purpose, Terms and Conditions and applicable law.

6. It is prohibited, in particular, for the Users to:

a. copy the Website – including, in particular, the source code – in part or in whole or use it for commercial purposes,

b. automatically download, for any purpose, any elements, User Data or contents published on the Website by the Operator and by other Users,

c. provide data concerning the User Account to another party,

d. send e-mail correspondence (spam) and unrequested commercial information, advertisements and commercial, advertising or promotional information on the Website, including sending such information or advertisements to other Users of the Website,

e. humiliate or insult other people, including, in particular, other Users,

f.   conduct money collections or other collections via the Website or promote such collections without the consent of the Operator,

g. engage in any form of political agitation,

h. publish any posts unrelated to the provided contents,

i.    repeatedly publish identical or similar contents on the Website, including, in particular, comments,

j.    promote, in any way and in any form, websites that publish contents or promote actions contrary to the Terms and Conditions, generally applicable law or principles of community living, including, in particular, websites offering contents whose distribution infringes upon third-party rights,

k. use programs (bots) generating enquiries to the servers of the Operator,

l.    create multiple Accounts for a single User or creating fictional accounts,

m.     publish contents or links on the Website without the consent of the Operator if they are intended to promote, in any form, other websites, applications or products and services competitive to the activities of the Operator,

n. take any actions that could destabilise or harm the Website.

7. The Operator represents that they are not a seller of any of the products, including, in particular, video games, whose offers are published on the Website. In particular, through the publication of price offers of other entities on the Website, the Operator is not involved in the sale of these products and does not take any actual or legal actions connected with the conclusion or performance of sale contracts, and they only present a list of the current sales offers.

8. The Operator is also not responsible for any contracts, including sale contracts or contracts concerning lending for use, entered into by the Users as a result of the exchange of declarations of will made on the Website (e.g., in comments to the contents published by the Operator on the Website), and they are not responsible for the non-performance or improper performance of such contracts.



1. The Operator enables access to the Website and use of the Services by the Users only if they accept all of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

2. By using the Website, the Users accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy is equivalent to the conclusion of the contract. If the User does not accept the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy or amendments to these documents, they will be unable to use the Services.

4. The Operator makes the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy available to the Users free of charge before they enter into the contract, in a manner that enables the User to acquire, view and record these documents. The Terms and Conditions are available at: https://gg.deals/terms/; The Policy is available at: https://gg.deals/privacy/.

5. To correctly use the Website, the User should make sure that their terminal device meets the technical requirements, is correctly configured, uses updated software and has access to the Internet. The costs of purchasing a mobile device, other devices enabling Internet access and the costs of the Internet connection shall be borne exclusively by the User.

6. Information about the cookies used on the Website can be found in the Privacy Policy.

7.  The Service Provider uses the following methods and technical means to detect errors in the data entered in connection with registration on the Website and the use of the functions of the Website:

1) verifying if the entered data are correct,

2) attaching active links to the registration form to enable the Users to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy,

3) verifying if the User has read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by verifying if they have checked the declaration on having read each of these documents.



1. Creating an individual User Account is necessary to use some of the functions of the Website, including, in particular, the following:

1) importing wishlists from digital game stores (including, in particular, Steam, GOG.com and Humble Bundle)

2) importing game collections from digital distribution platforms (including, in particular, Steam and GOG.com)

3) creating price alerts and receiving local notifications,

4) accessing settings to change the default region, enable/disable e-mail notifications and synchronise profile photos with Steam,

5) add comments to the contents published on the Website,

6) add reactions to the comments,

7) publish content on the forum.

2. The creation and use of the User Account are voluntary and free of charge, but without a User Account, the functions listed in paragraph 1 will not be available.

3. The User Account is registered on the Website by logging in on the Steam website and then providing the following User Data in the registration form: user name (login), e-mail address and default region of the User – country – and by accepting these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy using the relevant selection button. 

4. In the situation described in paragraph 3 above, the User agrees for Steam to provide to the Operator the unique numerical ID that enables the Operator to identify the Steam Community profile and access information about the account of the User based on the privacy settings of the Steam profile. The only data provided by Steam to the Operator are the Steam user name, ID and profile picture, if added in the Steam profile. The Operator does not acquire other data from the operator of Steam.

5. The registration of the User on the Website takes place upon the confirmation of the registration via the activation link sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User at the time of the registration.

6. By approving the registration form filled out by the User, the User confirms that the information provided by the User is accurate and that the User has the right to use this information and the indicated e-mail account. The User will be responsible if they provide false data or data concerning third parties other than the User.

7. The data provided by the User at the time of registration on the Website, including, in particular, the User Name, may be moderated by the Operator, which means that the Operator may refuse to publish them on the Website and/or block the User Account or edit such data if they are prohibited due to the Polish or international law, these Terms and Conditions or good practices, including, in particular, if they contain vulgar or obscene contents or promote hate or totalitarian systems.

8. The information about games on the wishlist, collections and price alerts are publicly available by default and may be provided to external entities. The User may disable providing information about their wishlist, collections and price alerts in their account settings.

9 The User is obliged to keep secret the data concerning their User Account, including, in particular, the password. The User will bear full responsibility for any consequences of providing the indicated data to third parties.

10. By registering, the User represents that they are of age and have not been interdicted to any extent or that they are over 13 years of age and have the consent of their statutory representative to perform valid legal actions connected with their use of the Website.



1. The Website enables adding comments to the contents published on the Website using the Disqus system. The comments published in the Disqus system are sent there based on an agreement signed by the author of the comment with the Disqus company, which enables the person to use the Disqus system. The principles, purpose and duration of data processing by Disqus are defined by the operator of the system. The Operator does not process the information disclosed in the comments, and they only show the contents published in the Disqus system on the Website.

2. The User may register to the Disqus system using the Website User's data by selecting the "Log in with GG.deals" option. Selecting this option and logging in to the Website is tantamount to agreeing to share the User's data with the Disqus website administrator in the scope of: ID, username, e-mail address and avatar.

3. When using the "Log in with GG.deals" option, the User is automatically logged into the Disqus system on an automatically created virtual account using the account data of the GG.deals website.



1. A registered User may remove their User Account from the Website at any time by submitting a notice of the termination of the contract for the User Account using the contact form at: https://gg.deals/contact/. After the Operator receives the notice, they will remove the User Account promptly, but in any case, not later than within 14 days. After the User Account is removed, it will not be possible to continue to provide the services intended for Users. Removal of the User Account is equivalent to the termination of the contract to this extent.

2. After the User removes the User Account, the Operator may use the contents published on the Website by the User by recording, duplicating or providing them in computer networks and ICT networks, including the Internet, and in such a manner that anyone can access them at a place and time selected thereby, in parts of the Website other than those indicated by the User. The contents may be used by the Operator after they are anonymised. The User undertakes towards the Operator not to exercise their moral copyrights to the contents, including, in particular, as regards the tagging of the work with their first name and last name or user name. The User is not entitled to any payment for enabling the Operator to use these contents. Irrespective of the right awarded to the Operator according to this paragraph, the User may use these contents themselves.



1. If the User breaches the rules for the use of the Website defined in these Terms and Conditions or the generally applicable law, the Operator may temporarily suspend the rights of the User to use the Website. To this end, the Operator contacts the User and informs them of the behaviour that caused their rights to be suspended. The User may reply and explain their behaviour. The Operator promptly considers the User’s reply and may revoke the suspension of their rights or reaffirm the suspension. If the suspension of the rights is reaffirmed, the Operator advises the User of the reasons for this decision.

2. In case of a gross breach of the rules for using the Website defined in these Terms and Conditions or the generally applicable law, the Operator may remove the Account, terminating the contract with immediate effect.



1. The Operator is not responsible for any disruptions to the functioning of the Website caused by force majeure or unauthorised interventions of the Users or third parties.

2. The Operator is not responsible for the way the User uses the Website and for the consequences of their use of the Website if the Website was used contrary to these Terms and Conditions or the generally applicable law.

3. The Operator reserves that the scope of the Services provided on the Website may be modified.

4. The Website may contain active links to enable the User to access websites other than the Website. In the case of websites operated by parties other than the Operator, the Operator reserves that they have no control over the contents published on such websites and do not verify these contents and that they have no control over the privacy policy of the controllers of such websites.



1. The Operator is also a provider of electronic services as defined by the Electronic Services Act of 18 July 2002 (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2019, item 123). 

2. These Terms and Conditions are also the terms and conditions for electronic services within the meaning of Article 8 of the Electronic Services Act.

3. The Operator provides a service to the Users by allowing them to use the functions of the Website.

4. The technical specifications required to use the Website include:

1) an electronic device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) with access to the Internet;

2) a web browser that meets the latest web standards with enabled JavaScript and cookies (including, in particular, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge);

3) an active e-mail account.

5. The Operator reserves that the use of the services indicated in these Terms and Conditions may involve the standard risk connected with the use of the Internet and recommends the Users to take suitable steps to mitigate them. The Operator ensures the operation of the ICT system that enables using an electronic service, in a way that prevents unauthorised access to the contents of the communication delivered as part of the service, including, in particular, using cryptographic techniques appropriate to the properties of the provided service, and unambiguous identification of the parties to the electronic service. In case of scheduled interruptions, improvements or other similar situations, the Operator may notify the Users using the provided e-mail address or general notifications on the website. 

6. The User’s consent to use the services covered by these Terms and Conditions may be revoked at any time. The termination of the contract for electronic services provided based on these Terms and Conditions shall be done based on the User’s request to erase their data. Within 14 days from receiving the User’s request, the Operator will erase the personal data of the User from the Operator’s database, if they are recorded in the database.

7. Complaints concerning electronic services are governed accordingly by § 11 of these Terms and Conditions, whereas the time limit for the complaint runs from the time of the event giving rise to the complaint.

8. Matters not regulated in these Terms and Conditions regarding electronic services will be governed by the generally applicable law, including, in particular, the provisions concerning electronic services.



1. The content of the Website cannot be duplicated, distributed or published for any purposes other than permitted private use. 

2. Without the Operator’s written consent, the User may view the Website on their computer, mobile device or print out fragments of these web pages only for personal use, not for the purpose of distribution or redistribution.

3. The individual documents published on the Website may be subject to the additional conditions defined in these documents. 

4. All actions that infringe upon copyrights or industrial property rights of the Operator are prohibited. 

5. The names of the Website and the products connected with the Operator’s business and the services provided by the Operator are trade names or registered trademarks. 

6. All trademarks or trade names of third parties used on this Website belong to and/or have been reserved by their owners and have been used only for information. The fact that the User accesses the Website of the Operator should not be interpreted as the award of any licence or the right to use the trademarks included on the Website without the prior written consent of the Operator or another owner of such trademarks.



1. Users of the Website may submit complaints concerning the services available via the Website. Complaints may be submitted to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

2. The complaint should include the following:

1) first name and last name of the person submitting the complaint;

2) residence address of the person submitting the complaint and their e-mail address;

3) detailed description of the event giving rise to the complaint;

4) request of the person making the complaint. 

3. Complaints may be submitted within 60 (sixty) days from the occurrence of the event giving rise to the complaint. Compliance with the time limit for complaints will be determined based on the date on which the complaint is sent by e-mail. 

4. The Operator will not consider the complaint if the person making the complaint does not fulfil the conditions referred to in paragraph 2 and does not observe the time limit referred to in paragraph 3 above.

5. The Operator considers complaints within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the delivery of the complaint. After the complaint procedure is exhausted, the user may seek any of their claims that have not been admitted in the common court local to the Operator. 

6. The Operator is responsible for the course of the complaint procedure.



1. The Operator reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions to keep them up to date and compliant with the applicable law. The Terms and Conditions may also be modified due to changes in technology, methods, purposes or legal basis related to the processed personal data of the Users. 

2. Enquiries concerning these Terms and Conditions should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

3. The Terms and Conditions were last modified on 27th March 2023.